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Welcome to the official website for those madcap minstrels 'Tyrone Schulace and His Pals' - if you were looking for Tyrone Shoelace and his Pals, you've still come to the right place anyway... probably...

Tyrone and the boys are currently hard at work down at Schulace Manor on new tunes. Here you'll find old favourites plus previews of some new tracks available soon to download:

In other news, Tyrone himself now is thankfully eating far fewer pies. The band's many friends at ReverbNation are growing in number at a frankly alarming rate and fellow Pals from around the world continue to share their wisdom in Schulace Corner there - and you can too.

Thanks to the people at Schulace iTunes for looking after the band on all things Appley, iPhoney, iPoddy and iPaddy...

If you love music, you'll already know Spotify - you can find the band on streaming Schulace Spotify.

Float over to Schulace Soundcloud if that's your thing.

The band can be found on Schulace Google Play and see what our pals have been up to there.
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#Everything is wrong
about this...


really love this.
Wonderfully quirky...
Dark Heart Alarm

1395786950 Hillbilly dix sepia for rn 

you're a hoot Mr Tyrone
and I luvs ya !!
Hillbilly Dix

MuseBoat Radio

Tune into TS & the Pals aboard PEDRO & POWLO's MuseBoat Radio show.

#1 in the Moonlight

A big 'ooh! thanks!' to everyone who took the time to vote 'Moonlight' to the #1 slot on DJ Claire Rozario's June 2014 Top 10. If you don't know Claire, she's the British co-host on the brilliant west coast Internet Radio station, The Justin Wayne Show. As a feature on the weekly brodcasts, their monthly Top 10 Chart is usuallly a listeners' vote based on each DJ picking half the tracks, but in June and July Claire and Justin decided to battle it out for an overall June/July listeners' vote winner and you made Moonlight #1 for June - plus it had the most votes over the two months as well. Trifick! If you havent tuned in before, click the logo above and swing by their show website for fab tunes, live sessions, bonkers conversation and much more - it's live on Monday evenings and as a podcast/show download.


Check out Tyrone and the Pals' current chart position in ReverbNation's UK National Alternative Charts




Some have held that Tyrone Schulace's art expresses the objective data on which the Tarvu religion is based on...

...and that many of his songs provide incapable proof from speculative reason, and provide a madcap, demonstrable holiday from practical reason, will, sentiment, or vital action. That this position is, however, dangerous, is proved by his many fans, worldwide, who form the nexus of a new reality in the offering.

The Immanentist Schulacian will agree that there is much truth in this radical notion and that, along with the Schulacians, the Vitalism of Blondel, the anti-Scholasticism of the "Annales de philosophie chretienne", and other recent tendencies towards a non-intellectual apologetic of the Faith, have their roots in much of Schulace's body of songs and imagery, and the condemnation they have received from ecclesiastical authority shows plainly that they have no clear title to be considered a substitute for the intellectualistic apologetic which has for its ground the realism of the Scholastics.

So to Tryone Schulace and his "pals", we must raise our voices and roar across the rooftops of the world: for the revolution is eternal, and the revolution is Schulacian in mode and conception!!! Long live the Schulacians!


YEWBE on ReverbNation

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